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jjj0923 -> uploads slows through isa2003 (21.Dec.2012 10:47:43 AM)

Users on our network have been complaining of slow uploads speeds on our version fios connection so I ran some tests at speedtest.net and speakeasy.net and both show great download speeds (25 mps) but slow upload speeds (about 5 mps) from any of the pc's on our network and also on our firewall.

So I ran a test from a forward facing dns server connected on the same hub that our firewall goes through and the dns server is showing up upload speed of about 15 mps.

it appears as though our firewall is really slowing down uploads. I have the ALLOW ALL OUTBOUND TRAFFIC rule as my very first rule.

any ideas that I can try for faster upload speeds through the f/w ?

thanks in advance.

jjj0923 -> RE: uploads slows through isa2003 (21.Dec.2012 2:39:16 PM)

can someone tell me exactly what this does? I read this on another forum and uncheck web proxy filter speeds up my uploads.

If i goto firewall policy ---->Toolbox(in right pane) ---------> common protocols ----------> right click http ---------> properties ---------> parameters ----------> and then uncheck web proxy filter
Then my upload speed comes normal

jjj0923 -> RE: uploads slows through isa2003 (21.Dec.2012 3:00:47 PM)

I noticed that two public web servers protected by my firewall were not accessible from inside our network but we accessible outside our network (the www). I've turned the filter back on for http right now to be safe since I don't understand what exatcly the filter protects us from.

can someone tell me?

jjj0923 -> RE: uploads slows through isa2003 (7.Jan.2013 8:58:05 AM)

can I get some help on this one?

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