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Manu51 -> Problem with Translation Link (9.Jan.2013 9:54:34 AM)

Hi all,

I have one ISA Server 2006 with three web servers behind :
- Server A under IIS7 and working over http
- Server B under Apache Tomcat and working over https
- Server C under Apache Tomcat and working over http

Each web server is accessible from one url with one certificat :
- Server A : - Certificat A
- Server B : - Certificat B
- Server C : - Certificat C

Foreach web server, I have one rule on ISA :
Rule Server A : Link Translation disabled, Web Listener 4431 for the certificat A
Rule Server B : Link Translation disabled, Web Listener 4430 for the certificat B
Rule Server C : Link Translation enabled, Web Listener 443 for the certificat C

I have no problem to access the three web sites by using web browser.

But when I call a Response.Redirect from my ASP.NET code, the url of server A, is always replace by !
When I disable the Translation Link Filter in Web Filter, it works for Server A and B but not for Server C : I think it's right for Server C because of link translation https<->http.

So I don't understand why there is link translation on server A when I enable Link Translation Filter in Web Filter and I disable Link Translation on the rule of server A.

Does anyone have an idea?

markspend1 -> RE: Problem with Translation Link (8.Mar.2013 1:30:40 PM)

Hello Guys according to that topic i think link translation only operates on request reactions that include a mime or file kind in the html records material kind.For ISA Server 2006 business Version,link translation makes use of the options in the material kinds for the business Policy to determine whether it needs to perform interpretation on the body of the message.Thanks a lot!!

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