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saurabh_dimat -> not able to login in webmail (14.Jan.2013 5:58:41 AM)


we have a webmail https://mysite:2096 , we use ISA as a firewall. when we open https://mysite:2096 it opens log in page, but the problem is when we enter username and password it can not login, and login pop up screen appears.i am fed up with this problem.

In system not connected through ISA the webmail runs without an error.

kindly hel me on this.

pwindell -> RE: not able to login in webmail (14.Jan.2013 8:57:24 AM)

By default ISA/TMG will not allow you to access an SSL site on a non-standard port number because of the security risks. SSL traffic due to the encryption cannot be inspected, therefore the "un-inspectable" traffic is restricted to only the standard SSL port of 443. So SSL must be ran on 443.

If you have control of the "web mail" site then you need to change it to run on 443 instead of 2096.

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