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mohamed_nor_eldin -> Microsoft Knowledge Base article 952082 (7.Feb.2013 8:11:34 AM)

i have isa 2006 server enterprise serve around 175 client when i am activate access rules i always got
Description: Client authentication time exceeded 6 seconds. This occurred 20 times during the past 5 minutes. To configure this setting, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 952082.
and clients get usernamed and passweod screen login and internet stop until i restart all isa services when i am disable all access rule and let everything going throw isa server without any control this message never come but that meaning i have not isa

i used Configure_slow_authentication_alert.vbs script but no new
could any one give me solutions for that or shall i drop isa solutions and looking for another
yes i installed services pack 1 but no new i always got connection limits when i activate any restirction rule such as blocking Facebook, http filter by extensions
i heard about using kerbors authentication could avoid that proplem but i can not fined any detailed
example i could flow
i do not have any problem with connection between isa and DC or Ever Additional DC

mohamed_nor_eldin -> RE: Microsoft Knowledge Base article 952082 (19.Feb.2013 10:46:47 AM)

no body home guys[:o]

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