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GiT -> HTTP over non standard port (3.Apr.2013 6:58:54 AM)

Have had a dig about but canít find the answer.

ISA 2006 used as a proxy, running as a VM single NIC standard edition.

Trying to configure an outbound rule to allow access to:


I have done this before with SSL and port tunnelling for HTTPS and I have looked into web listeners. Iím sure Iím just missing something simple but any pointers would be welcome.


pwindell -> RE: HTTP over non standard port (15.Apr.2013 3:54:34 PM)

The normal HTTP Rule will handle it. It will follow whatever port # is listed in the URL. HTTP is still HTTP no mater what port it runs on. HTTPS does the same as long as you adjust the allowed SSL Port Tunnel Ranges.

GiT -> RE: HTTP over non standard port (16.Apr.2013 4:41:36 AM)

Thanks for the reply Phillip.

You are quite correct - HTTP will go over any port. It looks like this has been solved, it was a firewall down the line causing the issue in this case, thanks for your help.

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