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tfrydendal -> path mapping (11.Apr.2013 3:04:13 AM)

I need to do a path mapping in a webpublishing rule where I need to direct to a page with the username from Active Directory.
I use Radius for authentication.
External url: https://externalweb
Internal url: http://internalweb/path/default.asp?susername=%USERNAME%
I can get it to work with /* configured in External Path and /path/* in Internal Path and then use this url http://externalweb/default.asp?susername=%USERNAME%
But I need users only to write the external url https://externalweb and then they will connect to the /path/default.asp?susername=username ... Is that possible?
Thank you.

pwindell -> RE: path mapping (15.Apr.2013 4:22:11 PM)

The "Path" is only after the Domain Name, I don't think it includes the Domain Name,...hence "//domainname" IS the same thing as "/"

I do not believe it works with HTTPS because the encryption prevents everything to the right of the Domain Name from being read and processed. Therefore you need to do the "redirect" from the Web Server itself (aka the code in the webpage) rather than trying to do it at the Firewall.

tfrydendal -> RE: path mapping (17.Apr.2013 5:58:37 AM)

Thank you Phillip for your answer.
That's what I told the customer ... :-)

tfrydendal -> RE: path mapping (17.Apr.2013 6:03:53 AM)

Thank you Phillip for your answer.
That's what I told the customer ... :-)

katt -> RE: path mapping (12.Nov.2014 4:16:30 AM)

Trying to publish an internal project manager web site to certain IP addresses on the out side. Web listerner looking for traffic on that a mistake as well?

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