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ES593 -> ISA2006 FBA/LDAP Preauthentication MOSS2010 (17.May2013 8:35:29 AM)

I have configured a FBA/LDAP in front of a MOSS2012 which uses the same LDAP Authentication source.
Credentials are forwarded by the ISA to MOSS through the HTTP header (BASIC/TXT)
(All over an SSL Client/Server tunnel.

Issue: Since the credentials in HTTP header contain the AD domain references domain.fqdn\UID or domainNETBIOS\UID style credentials the MOSS configuration will not know where to find the account to validate in its own authentication provider (CLAIM/FBA)

What I would like to do is to make MOSS accept the HTTP header credentials and reuse them to authenticate at MOSS level as well.

Anybody any clue how to deal with this ?

Kindest regards

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