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mikeb1985 -> Acronis Universal Restore (24.Jun.2013 3:06:21 PM)

Hi All.

We are working on Migrating alot of our servers to a virtual environment and in the process I have freed up some much better hardware than my existing ISA 2006 box is running on. I have successfully restored ISA to the new hardware using Acronis Universal Restore 10. Everything goes well, I even get all the drivers up to date on the dissimilar hardware. The only thing I really have co configure after the restore is the IP addresses. I'm using ISA for NAT/Firewall/VPN and it has two NICs.

I can add all my internal network info to the Internal NIC, and I add my 5 static IP's to the external. Things work fine, Internet access, etc. But, the only server and web publishing rules that work are the ones that answer on the first IP I enter on the External NIC. I've tried adding them in other orders, tried disabling renabling the NIC, made sure drivers are up to date, etc. I can't get ISA to respond to anything incoming using any of the other 4 statics, only the first one in the list.

Any ideas?

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