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johnsolbakkmail@gmai -> Publish Web site through two TMG 2010 (two external IP-addresses) (31.Jul.2013 6:02:08 AM)


I have two TMG 2010 firewalls where one is publishing a web site to our customers. If this firewall goes down or is under maintenance the customers is unable to reach our published website.
We have published the same site on the other server but with a www2 instead of www in front of the web URL.

My question is:
Is it possible to use TMG 2010 configuration to allow both server to publish the same site to create a failover/redundant web publishing for our customers?
Any ideas on how to solve this?
Our two firewalls are both facing the external public ip-address and we have no hardware solution in front of these.
Is there any services from external vendors that can "ping" servers and route traffic if one goes down?

We are thinking about creating a TMG Enterprise Standalone array for outgoing traffic but this will not help us for incoming requests to our web site which is published on only one TMG server today.

Thanks for any input on this :-)


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