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Not1722Again -> Can't Contact CA - The RPC Server is Unavailable (2.Aug.2013 5:46:46 PM)

While duplicating our production network in a test lab I have run into a real roadblock. The ISA 2006 on Win 2003 SP2 cannot communicate with the CA while the firewall is running. I have checked RPC in the System Policy editor and made sure "enforce strict RPC compliance" is unchecked. My pass/fail is running certutil -ping -config <CA> which works fine with ISA uninstalled or the firewall service shutdown and then fails with everything back in place. I can also request certificates using the Certificates.MMC and the CA Web site only with ISA uninstalled. In Network Monitor I can see back-and-forth RPC traffic between the ISA Server and the CA server even when the certutil -ping fails with 0x800706ba (WIN32: 1822) The RPC Server is unavailable.

Connections and certificate requests to the CA work fine from every other computer.

The settings that I can see seem to be the same between the production server (which works just fine) and my test server? What I am missing?

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