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Crash28 -> VPN then RDP (5.Nov.2013 3:23:52 PM)

I have 2 isa servers in an array. Both are configured for vpn access.

isa1 - vpn ips assigned are
isa2 - vpn ips assigned are

VPN access works like a charm regardless of server chosen.

Rule applied to VPN clients once connected, allowed rdp access to a specific ip.

Problem, rdp only works on one server at a time. If rdp works on isa1 it won't work on isa2 unless isa1 is restarted and vice versa. The rdp service switches between array members without issue but won't run on both at the same time. Why won't rdp access work on/for both servers?

Has anyone ran into this before and know if a solution exists?

erictwendell -> RE: VPN then RDP (25.Dec.2013 11:50:18 PM)

Why don't you use a multiplexer between your RDP and both the servers. Many solution providers or SP uses makes use of it. Using a multiplexer on the path you will allow you to support multiple network topologies and LAN protocols, and transfers data through multiple, separate channels.

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