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solveweb -> How to redirect change path and port (15.Nov.2013 7:01:57 AM)


I have a need to publish three internal sites, running on different ports of the same machine, all on external port 80 through our ISA 2006 server. We can't use host headers and we can't use multiple external IP addresses, so the suggestion has come to use paths as follows:

http://<external>/app1/* > HTTP://<internal>:5081/*
http://<external>/app2/* > HTTP://<internal>:5082/*
http://<external>/app3/* > HTTP://<internal>:5083/*

I am not that experienced with ISA - As I inherited the existing set-up - So I am a little confused as to the best way to do thism and would welcome some pointers... Can you help?

elmajdal -> RE: How to redirect change path and port (15.Nov.2013 5:42:31 PM)

Check this : Hosting Multiple Web Sites On A Single Host with IIS and Forefront TMG

Also this link by Adrian will help : Publishing Multiple HTTP Web Sites with TMG 2010

pwindell -> RE: How to redirect change path and port (3.Dec.2013 3:26:16 PM)

I think we need to look at the root cause rather than the symptom. To me the root cause is the idea that you can't use Host Headers and that you have to use odd ports. I cannot think of any reason that you can't use Host Headers. A Host Header is just another name for a FQDN.

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