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RCPAQAPIT -> Publish Internal Website with embedded Flash object (17.Nov.2013 5:41:13 PM)

Hi all,

I have searched around for this, but cannot find a solution. Apologies if this has been asked previously, my search terms did not return anything useful.

We have some third party monitoring software that runs on an internal server.
It uses its own web server to publish a web interface on localhost:80
The site does not use SSL (and is not designed to be able to, unfortunately)

I have created an internal DNS alias to allow users to enter a single hostname which redirects to that site.
This all works fine internally, and users can log on without issues.

What I am looking to do is publish that site externally so we can access the monitoring from home if something goes wrong.
The site uses an embedded Adobe Flash object on the site, and I think that is what is causing problems when publishing the site.

My ideal solution would be:
An external user loads site -
The ISA Server then prompts the user to authenticate using our Active Directory login.
Once authenticated, the user is then forwarded to the internal site - http://monitoring
We would like https on the external site to secure the AD authentication.

The issue is that the site uses Adobe Flash to display the internal site's login prompt.

I have been able to publish the site (currently without SSL, just to prove to myself that it is publishing correctly)
The site loads, but I get a white box where the login box should be, and then a message appears saying cannot connect to server.

The manufacturers of the software claim that we need open a port on the ISA Server to allow the Flash feed traffic through.

My experience with ISA is limited to publishing websites, and I don't know how to open specific ports for only a specific site.

Sorry for the long-winded question, I was just trying to provide all the info I could [:)]

So, could anyone explain to me the process for publishing an internal HTTP site to an external https site using AD authentication as well as opening a port for this site only?

RCPAQAPIT -> RE: Publish Internal Website with embedded Flash object (25.Nov.2013 11:16:54 PM)

Has anyone done anything like this before?
Is it even possible?
Do I need to provide more information?

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