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mrsadmin -> ISA blocks Airserver deployment (22.Jan.2014 3:28:25 PM)


I'm new to this forum and hope to get the help i need.
Please excuse my bad english - it's not the language i use to communicate regularly.

So as i wrote in the subject, i try to install Apples Airserver via GPO as described at
At home on my virtual network everything works fine. Try to install it at school, the ISA 2006 blocks the registration of the product key. I made a scan during the installation and here is the protocol:

as the code is not shown correcty on the site, i posted it under

The only thing i see, is that the client tries to make a connection and is blocked by a ISA Firewall-rule.
At the top / first entry inside the ISA 2006 theres a rule that allows everything to everyone. This is only for testing and should be always deactivated during lessons. If i activate the first rule, i get this protocol during installation:

So now the installation works and Airserver registration is done automatically.
What i don't know, is how to create a entry in ISA 2006 that allows Airserver during installation to access the addess shown in protocol. ISA also uses a webproxy.
Someone told me, that the client tries to reach the adress over port 80. But this doesn't work, because webproxy ist 8080. I hope i understood that correctly.

Can anyone help me in this case? I would be very glad if i could solve this problem by help of someone in this forum.

Greets mrsadmin

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