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jcoe -> Rule Not Working over SSL error 12202 (20.Jun.2014 2:50:15 AM)


I'm struggling to get a specific piece of software to work it requires bi-direction access to 2 IP addresses and a URL.

I've got a rule that allowing access to the relevant domain ( to the relevant server but I'm still getting a connectivity error when I checked the logs it's still being blocked oddly by a rule further down the list (our internal server access rule which shouldn't affect this piece of traffic at all)

Http status:12202 The ISA Server denied Access to the specified URL
Rule:Internal Server Access
Source: Internal (ipaddress)
destination: local host (proxy ip)

Any help welcome.


jcoe -> RE: Rule Not Working over SSL error 12202 (22.Jun.2014 1:59:36 AM)

anybody? would like to have a fix for this on Monday.

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