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dxbtester -> Spiceworks Helpdesk Incoming/Outgoing mail (11.Sep.2014 3:47:25 AM)


Spicework Helpdesk (installed in Server 2003 machine) email was working fine before with our old Exchange Server 2010 but not until we move to Office365 environment.

With the new settings, I have to create a rule allowing port 587 outbound for SMTP and another rule for 993 (SSL) inbound for IMAP. This did not work so I tried installing Thunderbird on the same machine as Spiceworks for testing mails ability to send/receive email using the account we currently use with Spicework, this did not work either.

Question is, how do I allow Thunderbird or Spiceworks to send/receive email using 587 or 993.

Our ISA Server has 2 interface, 1 DMZ and 1 Internal.

Thank you.

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