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jte369 -> TMG Load Balance Web Server-failover only (23.Sep.2014 8:05:40 AM)

I am trying to setup a rule to send Exchange 2010 EWS traffic to a pair of Exchange Servers, but affinity is not working properly for MRSproxy, whether I set it to "Cookie based" or "Source-IP based". I got it working by draining one of the servers in the Web Farm.

Does anyone know how I could set this up so it will always use one Exchange Server, but, if that server is unavailable, it will use another?

When I had both servers enabled in the Web Farm, I kept getting errors like ""Error: MigrationTransientException: The call to ‎'[My EWS URL]/mrsproxy.svc‎' failed. Error details: The remote endpoint no longer recognizes this sequence. This is most likely due to an abort on the remote endpoint."

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