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switxbmc -> ISA 2006 access rules not working (6.Oct.2014 9:39:20 AM)


A client's network was configured with an ISA 2006 box as an Edge Fw with the network behind.

A 3rd party vendor asked to create a site-to-site vpn but only through a hardware appliance.

The client installed a Watchguard device to function as the Edge FW and left the ISA box as an internal FW/web proxy.

I implemented the vpn config as supplied by the vendor with the tunnel terminating on the WG device which has the rules and routes necessary to find the internal site.

The problem I'm experiencing is no traffic is being allowed, by the ISA box, to the 3rd party site or from the 3rd party site.
I confirmed that ping/tracert should work between the sites and initiated a continuous ping from both ends, however, the ISA logs show that the traffic is being denied.
I configured a custom protocol set to allow all protocols through ports 0-65k+ and access rules to use the custom sets for both inbound and outbound traffic but still no luck.

Could the fact the ISA box has the original config as an Edge device be causing this issue?
If not, please HELP!


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