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mahaddon -> Migrate TMG Array from vSphere to Hyper-V (17.Aug.2015 8:59:02 AM)

Migrate TMG Array from vSphere to Hyper-V
We are migrating from vSphere to Hyper-V virtual environments and the VM admins are asking me about migrating my 2 TMG enterprise arrays. I have one forward proxy array and 1 reverse proxy array

Both arrays are a backend firewall mode and each array consists of a pair of w2008 R2 SP1 TMG2010 enterprise servers
All servers have 3 NICs (INT, ARRAY & DMZ
The rev proxy array uses local SQL and has dozens of VIPs for rev proxy listeners but uses local CSS
The forward proxy array uses wc3 logs format but uses a CSS on a 3rd non TMG windows server

Anyone got any gotchas or recommendations for how to handle the migration? We'd ideally like to migrate one array server at a time to minimise downtime but I'm particularly concerned about how to manage the VIPs with the rev proxy array.
The lads will be creating new NICs for the cloned servers on the Hyper-V environment and would usually manually add the VIPs but will this cause issues? VIPs are managed by TMG so will TMG throw a fit or will we get IP conflict errors when the migrated Hyper-V server is brought back online?

I don't really want to try to remove array members from the array before migrating. I think that might be more trouble than it's worth


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