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Timi -> Server Publishing & Remote login (17.Sep.2015 9:11:15 AM)

We have a windows server 2003 and ISA 2004 both on 2 different servers in the Head office. On the windows 2003 server, our Accounting software is installed. Also installed on this server i Go-Global application. This application helps our staff in another city to connect (via the Go-Global client installed on his PC) to the Win 2003 Server and work on the Accounting software.

When this was initially configure and working, the internal server (Win 2003 Sever) was published using the ISA publishing rule. Since the Go-Global app communicates on port 491, this was opened in the course of the configuration (TCP port 491 - inbound, UDP 491 - receive-send)

This worked for over a year. About a month ago, our staff was not able to connect. I have reconfigured the ISA server publishing rule but no success yet. It gives an error that port 491 is not open when client try to access. The new trend that I have just noticed is that when the Go-Global app is launched from a remote client, the Windows 2003 Server shuts down immediately. i did not notice this earlier but I realized the first time the app had issues, our server had restarted several times in the process of finding a solution to the problem.

In summary;

Why is the remote PC not connecting via the Go-Global app to the Head office?

Secondly, how could launching a remote software that is meant to hit the ISA so as to have access to an internal server trigger that internal server to shutdown?



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