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Skyjazzmu -> Resolve MKV Won't Play on LG TV (8.Sep.2016 5:01:25 AM)

Can LG TV play MKV files? LG Official states MKV is a supported format, but sometimes, some MKV files work well and certain files are not playable on LG TV. Why? Here are some possible reasons about LG TV MKV playback problems below.

1. Copywritten Video.
If your MKV file is a copywritten video, it won't play without a proper license.

2. Video Stored in USB device
If your MKV video files stored in a USB device that does not support high speed data transmission may not play smoothly on LG TV.

3. Bitrate or Frame Rate is Too High
Your MKV video may not work if its bitrate or frame rate is higher than the standard value of LG TV.

4. Codec Issue
The most common reason is the incompatible codec issue. MKV is a container format which inclues various video&audio codecs and other data. If LG TV doesn't recognize the codec, you'll fail to play MKV even though it is a supported format. Find a LG TV video converter, you have to transcode MKV to the compatible codec supported by LG TV.

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