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mar_almansoori -> ISA 2004 & IE Authentication (28.Jul.2005 5:19:00 AM)

I'm using ISA 2004 sp1 in AD 2003
environment. Internet users are members in AD group. The Firwall policy is
permitting Internal user to connect to External and it is restiricted for AD
group members only. Authentication for the web proxy on the internal network
is configured to use Basic, Integrated, and Require all users to authenticate
is selected. Everything was working fine, untill few days back. Some users
need to
authenticate before access the internet and the rest is working still fine.
They are still a part of the Global Security Group and the ISA rule is not
changed. On the clients system also nothing changed. Users have the correct
settings on the IE. Even With or without that option it
is asking for authentication every time they open the IE. Advice please

isawader -> RE: ISA 2004 & IE Authentication (28.Jul.2005 10:42:00 AM)

Is there any reason why you've enabled "Require All Users To Authentiate"?

If you implicitly ask for authentication by using AD groups in the rules, you don't need to enable this option. It has few unintended side effects.

mar_almansoori -> RE: ISA 2004 & IE Authentication (29.Jul.2005 4:28:00 AM)

this option is required for a third party filter i'm using, however, i've disabled the option for testing and it didn't resolve the original problem

danahallenbeck -> RE: ISA 2004 & IE Authentication (1.Aug.2005 11:05:00 AM)

ISAwader's suggestion should work for you...

I had the same issue you are seeing with the same configuration. Once I unchecked 'Require all users to authenticate' and set the authentication at the ISA firewall policy level to allow 'Authenticated Users' only, everything worked great. My 3rd Party filtering program was seeing usernames correctly.

Dana Hallenbeck

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