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dyarian -> ISA Server Catastrophic Failure (28.Jul.2005 1:51:00 PM)

We have been having a problem with the toolbox in our ISA server. When we open up the server we get a message catastrophic failure. This occurs when we try and add a rule or a computer. We can still have control of our server but not completely. I have installed the managment console on my comptuer and I still have the same issue. We do not want to reinstall the server unless we have too. If we have to reinstall the server is there a way we can export the existing rules, computers, overall settings. Any thoughts.


ISAServerTools -> RE: ISA Server Catastrophic Failure (28.Jul.2005 2:10:00 PM)

There is caused by a corrupt item in one of the toolbox containers.

I have a program written in Visual Basic which can help you locate the problem, but you will need to poke around in regedit to actually fix it.

BTW, attempting to backup the server with the MMC and/or export the rules will almost certainly meet the same demise, sorry.

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