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Scorpion Mint Red -> Asymmetric Routing and ISA (3.Oct.2001 10:04:00 PM)

Anyone ever set up asymmetric routing with ISA, successfully?

Surprisingly, it worked very well on a standalone W2K server. I have a rather slow DSL connection with 5 IPs which I had set to upstream data over a significantly faster cable modem with 1 firewalled/DHCPed (by cable co) IP. In that configuration it even failed over to DSL if the cable was unavailable.

Anyway, as far as I can guess ISA would view the packets destined for the cable gateway as being spoofs and reject them, but I turned off intrusion detection and opened up
all my filtering rules. Anyone know if it's even possible?



Nuddelaug -> RE: Asymmetric Routing and ISA (4.Oct.2001 8:42:00 AM)


seek the database for your problem or by Tom¦s book¦. its not possible to have more than one Worldable connection on ISA.

Greetz Nuddi

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