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xadave -> ICQ Server listens on 5190 or 443? (13.Nov.2001 12:01:00 PM)

when I set up ICQ 'Preference/Connection' options, I checked 'Using Firewall
and using Proxy'. Then when I selected Proxy: SOCKS4,the default ICQ Server
Port was 5190. But when I tried to select Proxy:HTTPS, the default ICQ
Server became 443!

It is well known that 443 is SSL port. And in general, applications only
use ports those are more than 1024. So, does ICQ Server listen on 5190,or
443? Maybe, it listens on both?!

Why the default ICQ Server port changes to 443 when HTTPS proxy protocol is

Do you know more details?

tshinder -> RE: ICQ Server listens on 5190 or 443? (13.Nov.2001 7:08:00 PM)

Hi Dave,

Set up ICQ according these instructions from our good friend Nuddi:

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posted 03 November 2001 11:26
Hi Azhary
try setting up ICQ this way,
Preferences -> Connections,
Servertab -> ICQ Server : login.icq.com Port 5190
Proxy Settings : Using Firewall , Not Using Proxy, Keep Connections Alive
Firewalltab : DonŠt need to set anything here.
Usertab -> Advanced User : Not Using Proxy,
Use the following TCP listen Ports for incoming events : 1025 : 5000

This settings should work for everything inlcuding Filetransfer.

Have fun
Greetz Nuddi



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xadave -> RE: ICQ Server listens on 5190 or 443? (14.Nov.2001 2:09:00 AM)

Thank you.
But I feel more interesting that whether the default ICQ server TCP port has something to do with proxy protocol type. And how to enable ISA Server to make use of HTTPS proxy protocol?

Nuddelaug -> RE: ICQ Server listens on 5190 or 443? (14.Nov.2001 10:44:00 AM)

HI xadave

there where some recent Post before on how to Reg that ISA uses HTTPS Proxy to.

Otherwise try seeking M$ Q Base.
I know that thereŠs something in the ISA Certification Book (Microsoft Press)

CanŠt tell you exactly how ICQ uses HTTPS maybe they can 8) www.icq.com

Greetz Nuddi
Ps.:Thanks Tom for that nice Posting from you

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