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Guest -> Real NAT plus 5 IP.s (13.Mar.2002 12:40:00 PM)


I'm tempted to buy ISA server. I have an ADSL USB modem plus 5 ip's. Windows2000 will not let me add theese IP's because it see the adsl hardware as a modem.

I want to allow these IP's into the network. Eg
ip 1 to my mail server 80
ip 2 to my web server 25

Can this be done with ISA proxy.

I can only find details on the SecureNAT thing........
I'm a very experienced checkpoint consultant but feel this microsoft is acting to be sooo easy that it makes it harder for people who know what they are talking about...



tshinder -> RE: Real NAT plus 5 IP.s (14.Mar.2002 4:45:00 PM)

Hi Gareth,

You just hit upon one of the major limitations of ISA Server can how it implements dial-up connections. For some reason, they decided to use the DUN connectoid rather than RRAS to initate these connections. That means you can only bind a single IP address address to the external interface of a dial-up connection. Arrghg!


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