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imkms -> MSN Messenger with Exchange Account (22.May2002 8:37:00 PM)

I am running an ISA Server and an Exchange 2K Instant Messenger Service. If using the ISA Server, I can not login to the Exchange IM Server unless I manually add the IM Server to the exception list on the clients browser, even though this has already been set up in the "Direct Access" list settings on the ISA under the Client Configuration/Web Browser settings.

Abraham -> RE: MSN Messenger with Exchange Account (22.May2002 8:42:00 PM)


You can Log on on the IM Server doing this:

1. Create a SRV REcord on your DNS server, that record must hace FQDN name of your IM server, remember tha the protocol is _RVP
2 Include your Domain( in the LDT of your ISA server.

3. If the problem persist, try to create a Server Publishing Rules for the IM Server.

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