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perryhs -> Message Screener and Exchange 2000 (5.Jun.2002 9:28:00 PM)

Out of the box, Message screener does not support the new Exchange SMTP commands so these get blocked. I looked up the commands on the Microsoft support site (See Q312357 and and entered them manually, but I came up empty handed when trying to set the maximum length value in the messaging screener dialog box. I tried to guess my way around this by looking at the error messages in the event log and it seems I got most of it right; however, I am still getting an event log message "unknown smtp command" that contains pure text starting with "TLRMTVNTU..." which I assume is the end piece of another command or chunk. Does anyone know where one can find the max lengths of the new Exchange commands so I can check my values?

tshinder -> RE: Message Screener and Exchange 2000 (6.Jun.2002 2:39:00 PM)

Hi Phs,

Its most likely a malformed email message.



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