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agroup -> You won't believe this. ISA PIII too Hot (31.Oct.2002 4:04:00 PM)

We have had a SBS2K system running for a year on Supermicro Hardware 1U chassis working great. Then it began shutting down on warmer days. Thought it might be overheating. Installed Hmonitor and found the PIII cpu's were around 135 degrees...We installed hmonitor on same hardware different server and temp was 95 degrees...We replaced chassis fans, CPU, motherboard, memory..
To no avail.

We removed the boot mirror from server and installed on another identical hardware chassis. Amazingly the CPU temp on that hardware that was was in the 90 degree range shoots to 130+.

We began shutting down services and when we began shutting down services. After stopping firewall / isa services temp came way down.

We ran the ISA remover tool and the temp is now running at 100+- 5 steady and all seems well.

here are the facts.

CPU utilization runs around 5% and the drive has Trend Anti-Virus fully updated.

We are a bit stumped since we can run a CPU program to heat the CPU up CPU BURN and it can drive the temp up to about 140+

I first suspected the IIS service was attacked with some overheat software tool like cpuburn but the processor utilization stays low...

We are going to reinstall SBS on another blank drive and compare results..

Any tips or thoughts to keep us sane would be helpful.. Direct email is preffered...

tshinder -> RE: You won't believe this. ISA PIII too Hot (31.Oct.2002 4:10:00 PM)

Hi A,

Run disk counters and see if you need more RAM. At 5% proc util, its not the software. Maybe you just need a better fan [Big Grin]


agroup -> RE: You won't believe this. ISA PIII too Hot (6.Nov.2002 3:24:00 PM)

I wish it was as simple as a new fan. If you read this completely. I removed the mirror drive and installed it into a spare server (SuperMicro 1060L). This spare server has been in our lab running at 89 degrees on CPU's 1 and 2 with W2K server. We installed the mirror of the clients server into the this server (note the clients server is identical hardware model) when we boot this drive in our spare server, the CPU temp rose to 130 plus. We removed ISA using the ISA removal tool and the CPU temp falls to the 90 range. We're running 512mb ECC registered DRAM.

We've completely isolated the chance this was hardware related. It's really strange. And this is our only ISA install. We normally use a LINUX firewall / proxy server in front of our installs.

pnicolosi78 -> RE: You won't believe this. ISA PIII too Hot (6.Nov.2002 6:31:00 PM)

sounds like a fresh install is needed. also, try just putting isa on w/o any antivirus or any other 3rd party software. see what the temp is in that configuration. otherwise, move to a 2U server or bigger. Maybe you're not getting enough airflow? Try putting in a well-ventilated room with plenty of cold air.

tshinder -> RE: You won't believe this. ISA PIII too Hot (6.Nov.2002 9:37:00 PM)

Hi A,

I agree with Paulo. There might be something buggy about your installation. Start clean and do a complete rebuild. I've had the same ISA Servers running for over 4 months without a rebuild and no stability or heat problems, so I don't believe this is a common condition.


pnicolosi78 -> RE: You won't believe this. ISA PIII too Hot (6.Nov.2002 11:08:00 PM)

Tom, FYI it's Paolo not Paulo. You can call me Paul if you'd like but not Paulo. It's kind of a pet peeve of mine. I'd say this sounds like more of an environmental problem than a config problem. Seems like he might be better off with a larger server case that has more airflow and also he might wanna put a box fan directly on the server and see if that helps also. I've seen some pretty funky ventilation systems in my days.

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