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gennaro.di.cataldo -> Question about "Disaster Recovery" for ISA Server (29.Nov.2002 12:01:00 PM)


I have a question about a "disaster recovery" for ISA Server

This is my network archetecture

LAN --- ISA SRV --- Internet

I install ISA Server Enterprise Edition and on my LAN I have 2 publish servers an Exchange Server and a Web Server.....
On my ISA server, I have only one Hard Disk..... Suppose that my hard disk fail(crash), How can I rebuild the server.

If a replace the defect hard disk with a new one, I make a fresh install of Windows 2000 + SP, I reinstall ISA Server Ent. Ed. Does the installation of ISA reclaim all the configuration settings from Active Directory .....? If it's not possible does it mean that I have to recreate manually all my publishing rules and others settings ......? Does I have to make a restore of the "System State" after reinstalling Windows 2000 SRV and before reinstalling ISA ....?
Does it exist a switch /disasterrecovery for ISA like it exist for Exchange2k ....?

In short, can you explain me the procedure to rebuild the server or maybe does it exist a MS doc that explain that .....?

Thanks very much for your help.


sgstewart -> RE: Question about "Disaster Recovery" for ISA Server (29.Nov.2002 3:23:00 PM)

You export your config:
right clicking on your "server" ....below server and arrays...., and select back up.

As far as i know, if reinstall your ISA, and as long as the DNS name is the same, you can import it back in

there is also a tool provided by IAS.ORG, we mite have to get the address from Tom, as I can not remember how I got there......

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