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Xena -> ISA Design Question (3.Jan.2003 6:34:00 PM)

I don't have ISA but I am looking to implement a proxy server to restrict access to specified sites. Ours is NT4 network with some W2000 member servers. Will I be able to restrict access without Active Directory? What can't I do in ISA if I don't have Active Directory?

I already have a firewall with many rules. Will I have to add all the same rules to ISA if I implement? Can I implement Proxy server and not firewall?

tshinder -> RE: ISA Design Question (3.Jan.2003 11:39:00 PM)

Hi Xena,

1. You can run ISA Server in a NT domain

2. You can install ISA Server as a unihomed Web Proxy, but you miss out on a lot of features. You'd be better of ditching the sonic wall and replaceing it with ISA Server

3. You need Active Directory if you want to creat caching arrays or enterprise policies.


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