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tomcafe -> message screener not filtering (30.Jan.2003 1:48:00 PM)


My message screener is not filtering anything.
I receive all mails, even when a delete criteria is met.

I have setup the simple message screener configuration like in the tutorial:
1) dedicated isaserver with smtp filter enabled,
2) iis 5.0 smtp server with isa message screener component installed, dcom and iiscred configured and gateway set to isaserver and
3) the mailserver (exchange 5.5).

Its really like in the tutorial but filtering is not working. Anyone?


tshinder -> RE: message screener not filtering (30.Jan.2003 11:19:00 PM)

Hi Tom,

What credentials did you use with the SMTPcred tool?

Did you restart the SMTP server yet?


tomcafe -> RE: message screener not filtering (3.Feb.2003 12:11:00 PM)

Hi Tom,

i used a Domain Admin Account for testing purposes...

I tried the same configuration on another 3 machines and on those it is working now. But in addition to your instructions i also had to configure dcom on the isaserver.

Well i really need it to work on my 1st 3 machines but cannot figure out whats wrong.


tomcafe -> RE: message screener not filtering (3.Feb.2003 1:47:00 PM)

Now tried to use another (2nd) ISA-Server with smtpcred and it works fine. The problem must be on the (1st) ISA-Server machine.

Maybe some weird security setting or registry entry protects the (1st)ISA from beeing accesed by the smtp service?

Well now i use 4 servers, 2 ISA, one smtp and one Exchange. I really would like to get rid of the 2nd ISA machine, its only use is the (working) smtp filter...


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