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nutricia -> Problem with Endnote (2.Apr.2003 11:56:00 AM)

Endnote 6.0

I have a isa server with a upstream proxy.
The problem is that i can't connect to Pubmed he gives a connection error.

Proxy authentification required (The Isa server requieresauthorisation to fulfill the request.
Acces to the web proxy server is denied)NTLM

I have set (integrated) on Outgoing webrequests
Incoming webrequests set to nothing
(site and contents rules ) Set to a group.
Routing is set to a upstream proxy no limitations set on the upstream proxy
Can someone help me with this problem??


trillium -> RE: Problem with Endnote (17.Nov.2004 12:08:00 AM)

same issue, contacted Endnote and they say it can't handle NTLM authentication through proxy and only option to have the PubMed site bypass the firewall or the user has to do manual imports accessing PubMed through the browser.

Guest -> RE: Problem with Endnote (22.Nov.2004 1:48:00 PM)

I have had a similar problem. The issue is more than likely with the upstream server. I found the only way round this was to set the HTTP filter to pass through directly (not via the upstraem firewall, of which I have no control of anyway!) and remove any proxy settings from Endnote. The firewall client should then pass through any authentication required to the ISA server and the rest should merrily buzz along. I have been running this config for a few months now, with the added benefit that users can also use the Realplayer with no issue straight from install (If you are so inclined!). Hope this helps

AHIT -> RE: Problem with Endnote (23.Nov.2004 12:50:00 AM)

You could also doa few packets traces, find out where this endnote application is tryign to communicate with and create a destiantion set with those site/s and then a Site&Content rule allowing "free" access (to everyone) to that destination set. Provided you haven't got "ask unauthenticated users..." turned on, then you application can now use the proxy "freely" without any NTLM or other access requirements.

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