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talex -> Multiple Websites - Single IP Reloaded. (20.Jul.2005 11:25:00 AM)

Hi All,
Back again on this one.. I am new to ISA 2004 and want to make sure on how to do something properly. I have a single static IP and host several web sites on this IP. I have my ISP pointing everything to this IP, but currently am not running a public DNS server.

I would like to have it work like this:

Internet -> HardwareFirewall -> ISA 2004 -> Servers where ISA looks at the host headers and directs the traffic based on the headers like: -> Server1, -> Server2, www, -> Server3 and so on.

I have the new book Configuring ISA Server 2004 and it very briefly touches on this on pages 635 / 636 but does not go into it further than basically saying this is possible.

I only for now want to use ISA for this purpose as I get more confortable with the product I will use it to further secure my network.


softsoap -> RE: Multiple Websites - Single IP Reloaded. (20.Jul.2005 12:34:00 PM)


ISA server step
when you create a web publishing rule in the wizard you will be able to enter the public name.
public name =
and ISA server will forward this to your web server.

Web Server
if your web server is the same for all your web site you need to configure the IIS server.

if its the case don't forget to enable ˘forward the original header÷

talex -> RE: Multiple Websites - Single IP Reloaded. (20.Jul.2005 12:56:00 PM)

Hi Flo,
Thanks... I will have to try this, I have decided to set up a test network in an attempt to try this as I have live sites I cannot afford to have taken down. I am not installing ISA as part active directory, I just do not need the integration, so I am hoping this works!

I am installing ISA now with default settings on a clean Win2000 Server install and will post the results.

talex -> RE: Multiple Websites - Single IP Reloaded. (20.Jul.2005 2:29:00 PM)

So far no go... I have 2 nics in the isa server 1 (external) I set to gateway points to my firewall which works for all workstations) the other I set to and set it's gateway to NIC1's IP... I cannot even get the server on the internet even after adding a rule to allow all traffic... I think it needs to be able to browse the internet before anything else will work. This is of course unless I am setting this all up wrong.

I figured I would set these up this way...

Internet - > Firebox (Firewall) DMZ Interface -> ISA -> DMZ Servers running -> .254 and Trusted interface running -> 254.

For now I just got ISA Installed and cannot get anything to go yet!


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