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gtlscot -> Bypass Local Addresses (18.Aug.2003 10:45:00 AM)


I am unsure if this an ISA problem or IE but here goes. We have recently moved from proxy to ISA cache only server. When we were using proxy server our browsers were hardcoded through logon scripts to route through the proxy servers and bypass all local addresses In our ISA set-up we are using the automatic configuration script. Using this method however does not appear to be allowing our clients to bypass the local addresses. Can anyone advise how we may achive this? Do we have to make a new site and content rule and deny access to all internal destinations?


tshinder -> RE: Bypass Local Addresses (21.Aug.2003 7:15:00 AM)

Hi Gtl,

Make sure you configure the LAT on the ISA firewall and then configure the browser config in the ISA Management console to use the LAT for Direct Access. Then configure the clients to use the autoconfiguration script.


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