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dasmail2000 -> RRAS and ISA (27.Sep.2003 12:21:00 AM)


I hope someone can help out here. I have an ISA server running just fine, but I want to have remote users dial-in to my network to get to intenal resources as well as the internet.

RRAS is working and remote users can dial-in and see my network and everything on it. However, they can not get out to the inetrnet.

The server they dial into is the ISA server. I have tried a bumch of different stuff and am at a loss here.

I have searched for a document that may provide help as well as these boards but have found nada.

Anyway, if anyone could hit me with some info I would appreciate it.


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aselicean -> RE: RRAS and ISA (27.Sep.2003 5:54:00 PM)

Hi dasmail2000

Go to IE, Tools, Internet Options, Connections. There's 2 sets of connections related settinfgs: Dial-up and VPN Settings and LAN Settings.

As they are using dial-up / VPN to connect to your network, the settings that are taken into account are those listed under Dial-up and VPN Settings. So, locate in that list the connection used to dial-up/VPN and click on Settings. In the Proxy Server area, setup your ISA's internal IP as the proxy IP address and port 8080.


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dasmail2000 -> RE: RRAS and ISA (29.Sep.2003 1:11:00 PM)

That was it and I just learned something new - thanks!

aselicean -> RE: RRAS and ISA (29.Sep.2003 3:02:00 PM)

Hi dasmail2000

Glad I could help and thanks for the follow up.

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