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Maverick2003 -> Monitoring Alerts and Session Permissions (5.Nov.2003 4:36:00 PM)

I am having problems with viewing the Alerts and Sessions under monitoring.

When I start the ISA Management Console and go to either of the above pages I get a ISA Error

Refresh Failed

You do not have the necassary Permissions to perform this action

Any clues anyone "[Confused]"

Many thanks


Maverick2003 -> RE: Monitoring Alerts and Session Permissions (5.Nov.2003 5:12:00 PM)

silly me, just searched rest of Forum and found that there is no solution to this.

I have also noticed that the standard event viewer also has problems refreshing the system log. I am told that there is 3500 items but it does not desplay them at all. I can view by exporting and importing evt files but that takes to long.

I have never install PC Anywhere on any of the servers, but we do have Perfect Disk. So I am wondering if it is to do with file location and security

petri.ala-annala@fiasco.f -> RE: Monitoring Alerts and Session Permissions (26.Nov.2004 10:11:00 AM)

I did have the same monitoring > alerts > refresh failed error, and just today I found a nice fix that worked with my servers:

I figured out that this problem is due to dcom configuration and authentication level:
Run dcomcnfg.exe > applications tab > FPC class (1) and (2), properties, general tab > change authentication level from default to connection > alerts will work with local session as well as remote session. Im not sure if you can change this level back to default, but I think this is better workaround than reinstalling isaserver (that didnt work for me, had still the same error)

Let me know if this helps you! [Cool]

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