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AYEHAN -> Secure Socket Layer Sites (16.Apr.2004 4:34:00 AM)

Hello All,
i have a problem with ssl site, when ever i tries to open cpanel of my domain it cgange the address in adress bar to but with blank page, i tries to run this page Via a openproxy server and it give errors like Access Denied & The Requested SSL Port is Not Allowed, but if tries open this pge via my ISP it works fine. do i need to change some settings in ISA Server? or its a problem by my site host?

another problem is .. i m using Satellite Downlink that connect via web browser so i want to connect the site with no proxy(direct from isp). is there any rule i can setup for that site so my clients pc can access it with ISA proxy but ISA Routed them to ISP and do not use Proxy that i put in Routing Table rule? Satellite Internet is Proxy Based and they give us a proxy to use for fast internet but whenever i tries to open that webpage it said u are connecting from <Satellite ProxY> even i make a Routing Table rule that goes to but its not working. any ideas guyz?


spouseele -> RE: Secure Socket Layer Sites (17.Apr.2004 4:52:00 PM)


if you want HTTPS access to an unstandard port number, check out;EN-US;283284 . I suggest you grab the script 'SSL_TPR_add.vbs' from , change the port range and run it on the ISA server.


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