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JSham -> ISA 2000 SP2 (28.May2004 6:27:00 PM)

Has anyone installed SP2 yet? Just wanted to see if there have been any issues... I don't have a test environment that I can test it in, so I'm just looking for a little feedback.


SCORPION69 -> RE: ISA 2000 SP2 (28.May2004 7:06:00 PM)

I installed ISA SP2 without any problems at all.

You will need to do a "REPAIR" of the Firewall client if you are using it fron the ISA share.

Also the H323 Gatekeeper is disabled after SP2.

Other than problems.

JSham -> RE: ISA 2000 SP2 (28.May2004 7:10:00 PM)

cool - thanks much!

I was just reading the KB on it, looks like it's *supposed* to fix some of the annoying little problems that I have with mine - we shall see!

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