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zziaullah -> web proxy for users (23.Nov.2004 5:38:00 PM)

I have configured ISA2k but the problem is on client's web browser

Msn Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc are working properly on client computers. But the problem with browsing.

On the server the web proxy is set to:
proxy1.emirates.net.ae port:8080

and browring is fine on the server.

On the client side the web proxy is set to:
server port:8080

plz tell me the configuration for client's browser?

raffiki -> RE: web proxy for users (23.Nov.2004 8:59:00 PM)

the client browsers need to be configured the same as the browser on your servers dude.

did you point the browsers at proxy1.emirates.net.ae or just the port 8080?

it could also be your rules restricting a usergroup or ip range which your clients are in.

zziaullah -> RE: web proxy for users (24.Nov.2004 5:25:00 AM)

Thanx its working now. [Smile]

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