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nnmmss -> block one local computer (11.Dec.2004 2:01:00 PM)


I have a isa 2000 which works fine, the question is that if i want to exclude one user (or one local IP ) can't use internet so ISA server what i can do? I have used the "Ip Packet filter" but that didn't effect, maybe i have set up something wrong. anybody can help me?

Thank you

Taz69 -> RE: block one local computer (11.Dec.2004 7:16:00 PM)

If memory serves me well you'll need to create a client set which includes the banned client. Followed by either a site and content rule or a protocol rule to deny traffic to that client set. If the user can be tied to an IP address this would be simpler, otherwise you might end up having to require authentication for all clients.

Depending on how restrictive you want this rule to be you could just deny access to the http, https & ftp protocols and allow the user access to e-mail and other protocols which they might require. Alternitively you could create a site and content rule to deny all destinations (or all destinations except for permitteed sites and allow access to an approved list of sites).

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