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jklick -> 0x8007203a Error (1.Jun.2005 4:23:00 PM)

OK...I am able to open the ISA Server Management Console. I noticed that today it was empty (normally all of my Enterprise information populates in the left pane). When I click Action-Connect to it brings up a 'Connect to' dialogue box. I then click on 'connect to enterprise and arrays' and receive the error message: 0x8007203a "The server is not operational"

When connecting to any other member of the enterprise array, I am able to pull up the management console and see that the computer having the problems is handling web traffic and its services are started. Everything seems to be in working order with the exception of trying to connect to the ISA Management console from the first (primary) computer.

Any ideas??

dwish8990 -> RE: 0x8007203a Error (2.Aug.2006 4:47:45 PM)

I am have the same exact error message.  I need to know what to do in order to fix this problem....


saiani -> RE: 0x8007203a Error (2.Jun.2008 10:05:33 AM)

Hi, I´m having the same problem.
Isa server is running just fine, all the users have internet access.
I just can not open management console and connect to storage server.
What do I have to do to fix this problem?


micro2me -> RE: 0x8007203a Error (16.Feb.2009 4:14:28 AM)

I Have The Same Problem Can Any One Resolved This Problem ????????

micro2me -> RE: 0x8007203a Error (19.Feb.2009 3:46:32 PM)



bilal604 -> RE: 0x8007203a Error (31.Oct.2009 3:59:27 AM)

Is “ISASTGCTRL” Service in start state if not try to start it and then open ISA console again
-Balal Ahmad
Network Engineer

Systems Limited

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