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plamtod -> Basic Authentication (20.Jul.2005 4:23:00 PM)

I have firewal W2003+SP1 with ISA 2004 + SP1 that is domain member.

I published Web server(W2003) that is domain member.

I set Basic Authentication in IIS6. I have user from domain that has ntfs rights on my virtual directory.

In ISA publishing rule on the tab "Users" i checked "forward basic credentials" but i still cant log on. Where i'm wrong (On listener properties i checked basic and intagrated Authentication and i try "All user require authentication" -cheked and uncheked )
No success "[Frown]"

tshinder -> RE: Basic Authentication (20.Jul.2005 4:57:00 PM)

Hi Plamtod,

What errors do you see in the ISA firewall's log files regarding connections from external users to the site?


isawader -> RE: Basic Authentication (20.Jul.2005 4:59:00 PM)

Don't check mark the "Require All users to authenticate".

Can you add "All Users" to the users tab and try?

Can you access the website from behind ISA?

plamtod -> RE: Basic Authentication (21.Jul.2005 12:28:00 PM)

hi again
i saw erorr code 403 when try to log
in local network i have no problem. I strart loging and saw that rule that publish www server is called. Action is allowed Destination network is empty.

plamtod -> RE: Basic Authentication (21.Jul.2005 12:38:00 PM)

i've unchecked "Require All users to authenticate" and add "All users" but all is the same

plamtod -> RE: Basic Authentication (21.Jul.2005 1:07:00 PM)

i've added webdav to my web server and saw this
but its for isa 2000
i dont know is this in rule for isa 2004

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