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repgubbe -> OWA on DMZ. Membership benefits? (13.Nov.2004 7:35:00 PM)

I have 2 questions regarding publishing OWA trough a ISA server located on a DMZ.

1.What are the benefits of beeing a member in the same domain as the published OWA server??

2. Is it a beneifit at all? "[Big

...still waiting for my ISA server 2004 study material..*sigh*

Ara.A -> RE: OWA on DMZ. Membership benefits? (13.Nov.2004 8:43:00 PM)

Are we talking about front end/ back end server scenario?
What do you mean by being a member? Which machine to whom? [Confused]

repgubbe -> RE: OWA on DMZ. Membership benefits? (14.Nov.2004 2:44:00 PM)

nope... pure back end... i just heard.

Lets make it simple:
The membership im refering to is if the ISA server on the DMZ, would be a member in the domain situated on the internal network? (missed that vital peace earlier).

Imagin this:

firewall-->ISA SERVER DMZ
Internal network (with exchange)

On the Internal network thereŽs an exchange 2003 server, wich is a member in a Microsoft domain. The DC for the domain is of course in the internal network segment.

So the question remains... beneifits? Or is it just bad for the ISA server DMZ machine to be member server in that domain?

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