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brenmcg57 -> Need filtering solution for Terminal Server environment (5.Jan.2005 4:42:00 AM)

I need to deploy a user/group based web content filtering solution for a network where nearly all users are accessing the net through IE6 from a Windows 2000 terminal server. I tested Surfcontrol and the new Sonicwall content filtering appliance. They fail to filter correctly because they cannot discern the different users that are all coming from the same IP (the terminal server).

I figured that an AD integrated proxy server was the best way to identify each user independently. I am planning on using ISA2004 for that role.

I setup a single NIC ISA2004 box on the LAN to proxy web requests. There is an existing Cisco perimiter firewall setup, and I want to keep this as simple as possible. That's why I am planning on the unihomed ISA box. I got the proxy server working great, and it can identify the different users from the terminal server.

Now all I need is a product that I can integrate with ISA to block based on a third party list of site ratings. I am aware of the Surfcontrol for ISA product, but their demo download site is broken as I type this. Is this the only product that can interface with ISA for web content filtering? And will any work in a single NIC setup?

brenmcg57 -> RE: Need filtering solution for Terminal Server environment (8.Jan.2005 6:28:00 AM)

I tried everything mentioned on this site as well as everything I could find on the Internet. There was only one solution that worked well for me. It was the first recommendation under "Access Control" software here: WebFilter by Burstek.

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