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TDanner3 -> ISA 2004 and SBS2003 sp1 (30.Jun.2005 2:55:00 PM)


I have ISA 2004 on one computer with 2 nics and SBS 2003 sp1 on another computer with 2 nics. The SBS 2003 can get out on the internet but the SBS clients can not. Should I use one nic on the SBS 2003 server?


skiril -> RE: ISA 2004 and SBS2003 sp1 (1.Jul.2005 9:58:00 AM)

Not enough details: how SBS going out - through ISA or through second nic directly?
If you disconnect second nic (direct access) it still goes to the internet or not? If not - problem in the isa settings - access definitely denied for all. If yes - its maybe access policy config or something to do with AD. Run ISA monitoring log query and see outcom to analize.

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