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dinkera -> How to configure http://companyweb with ISA 2004 (1.Jul.2005 9:42:00 AM)

I'm facing an issue with Sharepoint portal http://companyweb (default config)
came with SBS 2003. Once I join ISA 2004 server, http://companyweb will not
work on the network. I have ISA server as dual homed and SBS 2003 DC on
another server. In SBS itself if I say "Bypass proxy server for local
addresses", it works fine. How can I make it work on the network?
Thanks in advance.

skiril -> RE: How to configure http://companyweb with ISA 2004 (1.Jul.2005 9:52:00 AM)

You can open http://companyweb to allow unrestricted access for everyone from local network - thats fast workaround, but its seems like problem not in ISA but in Domain Controller propagation.
On DC Domain Controller Security Policy make sure all AD users got connections setting propagate from Domain Controller. Thats mean all of them gonna bypass proxy for local addresses. If you just manually add local address into client IE settings its will work untill next restart when DC overrites current settings. Also check DNS for local access, maybe youl local machines can not retrieve local DNS records for http://companysite and goes through outside. In this case they treated as outsiders by ISA with all restrictions applied.
Hope its help.

Firemunky -> RE: How to configure http://companyweb with ISA 2004 (1.Jul.2005 10:04:00 AM)

You should be able to add a dns entry in your local dns server and then make sure the external nic in isa has dns set to your internal dns server.

GPO of bypass proxy for internal with your internal ip listed as in 192.168.*.* specified in the GPO also is needed.

I just use http:://server_name/site_name to access the sharepoint from inside.

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