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dsilvaroshan79 -> Firewall Services Not refreshing. (29.Aug.2005 3:48:00 AM)


We have users who have been given access to internet during the first hour of Office and then in the Lunch Break. Users can access internet during that hour and as soon as their time is up they get the network access denied message in Internet Explorer.

Only problem is that even after their time is up, and if they have not shut their messenger, they will still be able to access Yahoo, MSN and other messengers.

I know that this is happening because their sessions are active on the ISA server. Why doesnt ISA refresh the firewall services on a timely basis?

If I disconnect their sessions from the server, they will not be able to connect to messenger too until the Lunch break.

Are there any command line tools by which we can refresh the Firewall services.

If yes then it would be easier to set a schedule to refresh these services at defined times.


tshinder -> RE: Firewall Services Not refreshing. (1.Sep.2005 9:18:00 AM)

Hi Rosh,

None that I know of, but you can check out the ISA SDK.


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