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yy -> Manual Uninstall of Firewall Client (12.Sep.2004 1:25:00 AM)


how can I manually uninstall an older version of Microsoft Firewall Client from isa2004 beta 2 and/or possibly isa2000 ?

I just upgraded isa to the retail version of 2004 from beta2. This client might have been an old client from when this site was running isa2000 sp2 or isa2004 beta2.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any help on how to manually uninstall this firewall client from a winXP machine.

Thanks in advance.

tshinder -> RE: Manual Uninstall of Firewall Client (17.Sep.2004 4:44:00 AM)

Hi YY,

Use the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.


yy -> RE: Manual Uninstall of Firewall Client (20.Sep.2004 11:44:00 PM)

I should've explained better.... I tried add/remove programs in control panel. The problem I was having is that I was receiving an error that was telling me my MS_FWC.msi was invalid. I tried pointing it to several versions (old+new) of the firewall client's .msi to no avail.

I tried running .msi's and setup.exe again to try to repair the installation and uninstall, to no avail.

I ended up having to delete 2 registry keys concerning Microsoft Firewall Client installer files and deleting the Firewall Client's directory in program files. Then I could install the new Firewall Client for isa2004 with no problems.

tshinder -> RE: Manual Uninstall of Firewall Client (21.Sep.2004 4:28:00 PM)

Hi YY,

Great! Are those the Regkeys on the KB article on the MS Web site?

Good to hear you got it working and thanks for the follow up!


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