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Rgrotewold -> 2004 Firewall Clent Dynamic ports? (21.Oct.2004 6:08:00 PM)

I have a test server set-up with isa 2004 and have been using isa 2000 for a couple years. In certain configurations I have allowed all outbound protocols and for ports that were not pre-defined in ISA 2000 protocols they would be automatically opened when using the firewall client. Now with ISA 2004 It does not seem to work the same. I use Teamspeak for gaming communication and it will not work. Is this just the way ISA 2004 operates to be more secure? Do I have to create protocols for everything now? I have created several protocol rules in the past for secureNAT clients but liked the ability to enable the firewall client in ISA 2000 and get right out. Thanks for any Info.

tshinder -> RE: 2004 Firewall Clent Dynamic ports? (24.Oct.2004 4:34:00 PM)

Hi Rusty,

The Firewall client works the same way with the new ISA firewall. I'm going to move this to the gaming section since its not really security related.


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